Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Nother day

It's Tuesday, windy and cold - an excellent time to be indoors baking. Or if not baking, photographing the last efforts and learning a new camera interface to teach next semester. :)

The product this week is fake rye, which I call Wry. I tweaked the fermentation to make this batch extra-sour. Eating a grilled cheese sandwich of the results almost brought tears to my eyes. But they were like the tears that excellent spicy salsa or those devilish Chinese red peppers bring - tears of absolute joy.

What IS it about sourdough? The tarter the flavor the more one salivates and the more one crave another bite. Thankfully sourdoughs are good for you!

Here's the pix:

Wry and Buckwheat-Corn Olive breads

Oh, and about those olives.... I love the fat fluorescent purple ones that high-end food stores sometimes have in their olive bars. I got these in my local Whole Foods.

Today's tip

The best investment you can make, if you want to bake consistently, is a kitchen scale.  Less than $50 till get you a good one with accuracy to +/- 1 gram. Also, you should start converting your recipes to metrics. It is SOOOO simple to add, say 35%, to a recipe that's all in grams!

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