Friday, January 8, 2010

Closing in

You know you are closing in on the end of vacation when:

- The good coffee you bought from home stops tasting right b/c of the "foreign" water
- Your backpack has more dirty laundry than souvenirs
- You've just spent two hours thinking about your (unwritten) course syllabuses
- You dreamt about looking for a place to park (applies only to NYC/NJ residents on vacation)
- The "Blue Norther" hitting El Paso seems appropriate: training for what awaits back east
.... and the last piece of sourdough gluten-free rye, still fresh after 8 days, was just shared over breakfast. :)

Next post will be from home

Today's tip

I've just read that some of us may be able to deduct costs associated with celiac disease, such as Xanthan gum and specialized foods, from federal income tax. This needs to be confirmed with a tax professional, so don't cheat the feds and cite this column. But if it is true, best of luck to us all.

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