Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you've ever been one of my students, I'm sure this pose looks familiar. Note the open mouth (talking!) head back (pontificating!) and forcibly relaxed (Now students, this will be on the test!) posture.

However, the site is not a classroom or kitchen but Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Thanks Lisa Garza of Gluten Free Foodies for the photo.

And thanks to Lisa and the rest of the GFF women - Ginger Garza, Martha Fox Hoffman and Michelle Hoffman - for a great workshop in Poulsbo Washington. Readers - please check this site.

While I'm on the topic, thanks to Vanette, TJ, Dagmar, Kimberlee, Jamie and Tammy for a great workshop in Camas Washington.


Gluten Free Foodies said...

Nice pic! Thank you for the fun stories and lessons. Lisa

Teresa said...

I wish I had found you sooner. I live in East Vancouver, so close to Camas. Maybe next time.

Charles Luce said...

Sorry Teresa. However, I'm fairly confident there will be a next time since I get to the PNW frequently. See you then.
Charles Luce