Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to have fun in the snow

#1 - find yourself a reliable buddy:

Note: Buddy does not have to be a skier. It is helpful if he knows how to find dinner.

#2 - Locate a mountain and make a plan:
Now you understand why dinner is important.

#3. Slog to the top:
This may be the moment to wish you'd brought a lightning rod.

#4. Slice it.
yabba dabba dooo

#5: Examine handiwork.
Yes I did use a red filter.

#7: Watch your step on the slog back to camp:

Buddies: Armand Otis
Phil Macagni

Mountains: Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness, Nevada.

Snake: Great Basin Rattlesnake

Did you get this far? OK - great! - here's your reward: Sunday January 30 2011 I'm going tree skiing in the mountains of NJ. There won't be rattlesnakes or fishermen and there won't be many other skiers either. You'll need climbing skins or snowshoes and good steering skills. (Lotta trees in NJ).
If you wanna join up, drop me an email: HERE


Maria said...

Wow, Charles! I thought snakes were supposed to be hibernating in the winter! Tho' I guess at the lower elevations in Nevada, not. Awesome!

Charles Luce said...

So you ferreted out my secret: Yes, Nevada is where I go to ski in the spring. By then the rattlers are out. My fishing buddy Armand spotted this one before I did. Lucky for me - I was so exhausted I'd've stumbled right onto him.