Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Totally Uncensored

So today brings yet another winter storm to the NYC metro, with about 2 cm of ice. Can't get to work, can't get to the ice rink, can't make a scheduled visit to a baker - can't even contemplate going for a walk. What IS a healthy, red-blooded man to do?

..... bake....


beta ciabatta. Too salty. Try again and bring results to work. Goal: a perfect dipper for olive oil. 

Sourdough chocolate with a nutmeg-flavored Dutch Crumb crust.

Pretty good, but chocolate flavor is minimal. I didn't let it rise long enough and then scorched it in the oven. Will try again next week, and (meanwhile) bring leftovers (if any) to work Thursday 2/3/11.

Goal: A colorful, unique bread that's perfect naked, or dressed in butter or cream cheese.

My final, gratuitous shot. And a bit of news: I'm closing in on a deal with a contract bakery. With luck, these as well as my signature breads will be available for all of you. Want more info? Click HERE.

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Ginger G said...

... like mine covered with thick, soft, $$$ European butter!