Monday, April 11, 2011


Home-made buckwheat doughnuts w/ cream filling
I know what you're thinking: Dude, this is the most boring blogger since my college prof. Well, two things about that: A) I am your college prof; and B) my celia (or mycelia) hibernate in the off months.

But that's not really what I've been doing - hibernating, that is. The reason I've not blogged is, Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread (that's me) was working on a contract with a baker in NYC. Our intent was to have our great breads ready for unveiling at the Charlotte Gluten Free Expo April 30. Negotiations were delicate so I didn't want to jinx things and blabber about them.

However, silence didn't matter. Last week the deal feel through.

A bummer? Yes, but not the end of my road.

My business partner, TJ Fontenette, and I put our heads together and reorganized. Instead of having our goods made by a contract baker, we decided to license our processes. That means any bakery wanting to make our artisan GF bread under their own name can do so, for a licensing fee. So, dear reader, if you have an unsatisfied craving for sourdough, rye, Italian and more artisan GF breads, and a favorite neighborhood baker, nag them into giving us a call!

Oh, and there's more: I'm retiring from my teaching job at the end of this semester, so effective May 10 I'll have the time and energy to rent space and bake loaves myself. Watch this space for details. Or if you don't want to watch this space, go to my website (better photos there.)

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artistdeb said...

Hello fellow Gluten-Free Gal. Sounds like werea are traveling a similar path. I am gearing up to produce my own line of Gluten-Free products and am in the process of figuring out if I should produce my products or contract out. Want to talk futher? You can e-mail me