Saturday, July 9, 2011


Place: The Luce Residence. 
Time: Before 9 AM. Hot July day. 
Characters: Charles, Leslie.

Leslie: "Making a lot of noise down there this morning. What'cha doin'?"

Me:      "Cleaning my cookie sheet." (scrub...scrub....clatter ...)

L:         "Uh, great. "    (Pause....)    "...For?"

Me:     "Photo shoot. I need to get more pictures up on my site. Instructions. For my newest invention."

L:         "Oh?"

Me:     " Bread-in-a-Bag.

L:            Whatziz??

Me:     For home baking. Its a dry blend. You add water, shape the loaf, put it in a bag, let it rise, then bake it. In the bag.

L:         And that works?

Me:            Absolutely.

Yes, it works

L:            Cool!!!

Me:            Problem is, I dont know if anyone really wants it. I mean, not many people cook  and even fewer bake. So I have to do a survey, see if theres any interest out there.

L:            (Sound of fingers on keyboard)

Me:     The instruction page will augment the packaging. Written instruction on the latter, blow-by-blow photos on the former. QR code block that goes right to the photo page.

Pause . Clickclickclick

Me:     Might as well do this today, cause weve got a couple of places we might be able to start work. Commercial mix sites. I can build the page while were negotiating. Send out samples next week, go take that long-postponed serve-safe class, be legal and ready by September. Thats the goal: have product for sale this fall.

L:         But why do you have to clean the cookie sheet?

Me:     “’Coz it looks like a refugee from a butcher shop. All stained, scratched. And I dont wanna buy a new one. N maybe someone will see it on my blog post and if it looks good theyll hit the I WANNA TEST button N if it looks ugly they wont read that far.

L:         Got it. Mmmm . can I have some toast?

Me:     You dont have to toast this bread, you know.

L:         Like the rest you make. Fine. But Please?

Me:     (Very smiley) Coming right up.

food porn...

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Anonymous said...

i am craving a delicious pieces of that wonderful looking gluten free bread!