Monday, August 22, 2011


Supercell advancing
One more day of vacation. We'll hike some in the Black Hills, then it is off to Rapid City and our flight home.

We came to this state to satisfy questions that had turned into cravings: What are the Black Hills like, and why do so few Easterners go there? What's the Res like? How does it feel to breathe the air at Wounded Knee? How are the sounds and smells of the Great Plains different from the places we grew up?

Now we have answers, some expected (Wounded Knee exudes spiritual tragedy to this day), some astonishing (the Black Hills are filled with granite spires and Ponderosa pine), and some ethereal (the song of a meadow lark - if you've never experienced it, it is difficult to explain).

Ciabatta friend, it is time for you to "go public".
And there are new cravings: my own cooking, a launch to my bread business, lounging beside "our" lake, foraging in NJ's very wet woods.

When I get home it's focus on flatbreads as I prepare for a workshop October 7-8. It's weird that I've been dreaming about them (flatbreads), but perhaps that's better than my usual August dreams: classrooms filled with unresponsive students. So, hey out there, if you want to learn to make easy thin crust pizza, delicious cheese-and-mushroom-stuffed gorditas, or a Finnish treat - Karelian bread - all gluten free of course, just let me know!

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