Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting down to business

Black Friday 2009: while the rest of the world was off shopping, I was meeting with a business consultant.

Jan has been a friend for years; she's also a very successful businesswoman who just happens to be gluten-free and a lover of my breads. We had an afternoon-long, very stimulating chat that's left me with tons of homework.

We also ate:

There'll be more of this sort of thing (eating, I mean :) Part of my homework is to visit "foodie" places in NYC and Brooklyn.

Wait, is that work?

Jan left me with this factoid: Last year there was a major food event - a farmer's market - in her lower Manhattan 'hood. Dozens of stalls, hundreds of vendors. And not one single bread product she could eat.

I think that's how to spell Opportunity.

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