Friday, November 27, 2009

The Thanksgiving Curve

Here are two loaves of millet-based sourdough I made for Thanksgiving dinner:

The odd curved shape is from super-slack dough being slid, rather than rolled, onto a hot baking stone.

Here's the crumb shot:

We had a great Holiday. Not only did I bake this bread, I made cupcakes from leftover items (see below). The day's highlight was dinner at The Club with Leslie's parents, to which we brought the above bread. Smuggling it up onto the table reminded me of being a teen and cadging beer.

Eating "Outside" bread hardly counts as bad behavior these days. Despite a well-posted prohibition against cell phones throughout the club, people at nearby tables were texting away and one man was loudly jabbering about an injured granddaughter. And these are folks who probably look down their noses at drug addicts!

"Black Friday Breakfast" cupcakes. Do your leftovers look like this? ;)


Ann said...

Hi Charles,

I found your blog while looking for a GF sourdough starter recipe. I know I could probably just ferment some flour on the counter, but I'm hoping to learn from someone who has done it before. I'm only a year GF and still learning how GF dough can/should look and feel. Is there anywhere you're posting your recipes? I would love to work off something tried and true. I can't live without decent bread forever :)

Thank you for any ideas. Ann

Charles Luce said...

Ann: I've based my fermentation techniques on those described by Daniel wing and Alan Scott in their book The Bread Builders. I'm not posting any recipes b/c I'm about to start a series of workshops for those who, like yourself, want to learn my techniques for artisan, hearth-style and natural leaven GF breads. If you live in the NYC area you're in luck - the series will start in my home in Weehawken NJ late this spring. Watch for the workshops announcement on my site within the next week. And, thank you for communicating.
Charles Luce