Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ho Ho Ho

And a merry boxing week to you, too.

Christmas was grand.

In addition to spending three days at the best hotel I know, Mohonk Mountain House, I got to break in one of my gifts - ice skates - and dine oh-so-well. My wonderful wife Leslie gave me excellent baking swag, her parents gave the skates (Leslie got a pair too), and the three of them showered me with many other wonderful items.

Forest decked with rime - Mohonk
Photo by Leslie Bryan

I'm home for a few days and contemplating the year ahead. Within a few weeks you'll see details of the first of my plans: a series of GF sourdough artisan bread-baking workshops. I'm hoping to offer 3 or 4 of these over the year - some at my home in NJ and others at remote sites. (Not remote as in, deep in Wyoming's Wind River Range, just remote as in, far from NJ.) If you're reading this, live remote from NJ, saying to yourself, "Yes, count me in!" and feel like being a host, let me know right away.

New Feature

Here's my GF baking tip of the day: taste each one of your GF flours - raw. This tongue-test will reveal, as no cookbook can, both complementary and supplementary flavors.


Gluten Free Sourdough Baker said...

Hi Charles,
I also give gluten free sourdough bread baking workshops in Eastern Massachusetts. It's very rewarding to teach people to make this wonderful bread for themselves. Good Luck with your classes.

Charles Luce said...

Sharon: Thanks for the feedback. I've visited your blog and found it both interesting and informative. We have very different ingredient lists but end up with tasty products. This tells me (as if I didn't already know!) how wonderfully diverse is the arena of baking. Long after Celiac is pharmaceutically "cured" the discoveries we make with our grains will inform the baker's world.