Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Word is Good

Nope, this is not a religious post. The "Word" in this case is... Oats. GF Oats, to be exact. And the word "Oats" is good because oat flour makes a wonderful sourdough bread:

It's unfortunate that the web does not (as yet) offer scratch-'n-sniff (imagine the possibilities!). I suspect that you get the idea anyway. I'm still working on hydration - these loaves were too slack - and the crumb is more variable than I'd like, but the taste is great. The only ingredients, btw, are flour, water, salt and xanthan gum. Even more importantly, this brand of oats does not cause me a celiac reaction.

If you're interested in learning how to bake such breads - natural leaven, gluten free and hearth style - please click here to reach my website. I'm offering a workshop in the PNW May 15 and one on the US East Coast June 5.

Now to make my lunch sandwich. Today is a forage day.

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