Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Workshop

Our new kitchen. Clean today but not tomorrow!

June is promising to be a very dynamic month. I've planned a gluten-free sourdough bread workshop for the 5th, but since speaking at the Northern NJ Celiac Support Group last week I've received so many "Can't make the 5th but I want to learn your techniques" emails I've opened another section on June 12. So if YOU or someone you know wants to learn to bake great GF bread, contact me ASAP. If you link to my website there's a better explanation, or you can click here and email me directly.

(If you are one of the CCM crowd and can forward this to your fellow students who eat gluten-free, I'd appreciate it. Federal privacy laws prevent me from using roster information for non-academic purposes, so I can't do it myself.)

As for the rest of June's dynamism: Trip to Ohio, strawberries to pick, early chanterelles (maybe), a new club to visit, mountain biking, figure skating, recipes to invent and a cookbook to write.  :-)