Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring is Unsprung

Here in New Jersey we have two seasons: Slush and Swelter. With the former long gone, the latter is at hand.

But, wait - we did have a rare event this year: Spring.

Neighborhood grousing to the contrary (we also have two public faces here - Complaining and Asleep) it's been a great spring. March was warm, April was up-and-down and May is - well - summery.

Now it's mountain biking time, strawberry time (NJ has THE BEST), mosquito time (our state bird) and sunburn season. For us gluten free bakers, it's also the season to put away improvised proofing chambers. A dough-sponge that sits out on any countertop is bound to ferment. (My kitchen today is 85 F and will remain that way, except when I teach classes and run the AC, until Slush - er  - I mean October).

So, welcome Swelter! I'm calling you the season I finally get around to writing that cookbook, making the perfect sourdough sandwich loaf, exploring the grounds of the club that Leslie and I just joined, finding pounds of chanterelles and being lazy in between.

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