Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today was a mycelia day in which I treated my celia very well.

Mycelia: the underground "roots" of a mushroom. Leslie and I chased the wily morel through forests in NJ. We found 22 very end-of-the-season Morchella delisiosa - not bad for a year that started April 5 and which I was certain would end two weeks ago. As I write the cream sauce I just simmered them in is cooling on the counter. We have one lucky Australian guest tomorrow!

My celia: the microscopic protrusions in my small intestine which perform a number of digestive functions. They're going to be treated very well with (probably just a few slices of) the breads you see below. I baked these this AM to divvy up Tuesday night - that's May 25 - at the Northern NJ Celiac Support Group Meeting where I'm the guest speaker. My topic: Sourdough GF bread, natch.

If you'd like to learn how to bake loaves like these, contact me right away. I don't have many seats left in my June 5 NJ workshop. To find out more click here and you'll reach my website where all is explained.

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