Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is a photo I've wanted to make since I saw a picture of Alan Scott, baker and oven-builder extraordinaire, doing it with a slice of Desem bread:

Yes, that is gluten-free hearth bread, and what the photo proves is the presence of large, held-together bubbles in the crumb. These give the product lightness, and since bubbles need to have a gelatinized inner coating to hod together, they help create chew.

Making a bread like this has been my holy grail. It came about as I contemplated how much I love the changing seasons with their steady progression of foods and flavors. (OK, I was picking strawberries when I thought of this.) Why not, I thought, make my breads seasonal too? So I went home and improvised a light hued "summer" blend and this is what happened.

I'm going to give myself an A. Btw it tastes great too!

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